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Chapel Schedule - 9:40-10:00am daily
Monday Nov 17 Bryan Kunz Daily readings
Tuesday Nov 18 Jon Austin Daily readings
Wednesday Nov 19 Nick Dorland Daily readings
Thursday Nov 20 Jordan Clegg Daily readings
Friday Nov 21 Dr. Kristen Johnson Daily readings
Monday Nov 24 Thanksgiving break Daily readings
Tuesday Nov 25 Thanksgiving break Daily readings
Wednesday Nov26 Thanksgiving break Daily readings
Thursday Nov 27 Thanksgiving break Daily readings
Friday Nov 28 Thanksgiving break Daily readings
Student Events
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monthly starting Oct. 2, 12:00 "The Pulpit" centers around the joyous challenge of preaching. Join us for conversation, collaboration, and creative learning around the topic of preaching and pastoring. Our guide will be Anna Carter Florence’s book Preaching as Testimony. (for female students, held in Garden Level) Sign up here. Lindsay Small or Beth Carroll Jarvis
monthly on a Friday, 4:00 Sept 26, Nov 7, Spring TBA Confessions on Tap. Students, faculty, and staff explore a particular point in the Reformed confessions in a relaxed setting. Location: New Holland Brewing at 66 E. 8th St, Holland. Come, find us there and enjoy a water, beer, or Coke while engaging in good conversation. Dr. J. Todd Billings
Tues Dec. 2 7:00pm "Missional is..." by Dr. George Hunsberger. This will be his Last Lecture followed by a reception in the atrium to honor his retirement at the end of this semester.  
TBD Occasional Fridays Parents Night Out - free babysitting for seminary students. Sign up in Student Services. Beth Smith  
Continuing Education Opportunities

These are offered through Journey Center for Learning.

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