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Journey Center for Learning at Western Theological Seminary is dedicated to empowering pastoral agents to follow Christ wholely and fully.  In addition, we are equipping the Church's leaders to guide her into mission in local neighborhoods, communities and around the world.

Ridder Church Renewal

A Journey of Personal and Corporate Transformation

The Ridder Church Renewal process helps leaders develop the tools to confront unhealthy models that have hindered personal and congregational growth.  

Participants make a 30-month commitment to personal faith renewal.  Along the way they commit to courageous and authentic communication and to understanding the pressures that systems bring on individual behavior. They learn to develop non-anxious leadership styles, deal with conflict, and create effective teams.

Every Ridder Church Renewal experience follows three learning practices:

  • Time for group conversation and prayer
  • Space for individual reflection
  • Sharing stories of transformation

More information about Ridder Church Renewal will be on this page soon, but in the meantime, watch a series of videos below about Ridder Church Renewal.

Transition Into Ministry

 Learning to Follow (Christ) – Learning to Lead (the Church)

 WTS now makes a minimum eight year commitment to walk with incoming students. The first few of those years happen in direct connection with the academic degree programs of WTS via in-residence or distance learning. During the final five years support happens through the WTS Journey Center for Learning in conjunction with the academic and formation offices. We are committed to preparing and supporting healthy leaders for the church and the world. That includes doing what we can to equip leaders for ministry and to empower them to sustain life in ministry   One of the opportunities provided to recent graduates is the Transition into Ministry (T.I.M.) Summit, to which graduates from the previous 5 years are invited.

T.I.M. Makeover

 As the result of research with recent WTS graduates and evaluations from previous T.I.M. participants, we are constructing a five year plan for the summit, which we hope will equip and empower leaders as they move through the first years of ministry. Each year will focus in an area where alumni have expressly indicated they need more learning and support. These areas will include such foci as

 ·        discipleship

 ·        wholeness

 ·        reconciliation

 ·        call

 ·        organizational leadership

 The purposes of the summit are multiple. Our hope is that you will:

 * Reconnect with people you love.

* Receive and offer encouragement and empathy with people you already know and trust (friends, faculty, staff).

* Rest, refresh, assess, and worship.

* Regain healthy perspective on your current context by stepping out of it for a time.

* Revisit learning that has become more pertinent now that you need it.

* Re-enter your context with practical helps and greater self-awareness.


The next conference will be April 27-29, 2015.  Registration is now OPEN.

 Read a recent article about the 2013 TIM Conference here.


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