Introducing the New Master of Arts Degrees

Western Theological Seminary is pleased to announce four new Master of Arts degrees designed to prepare women and men for practical ministry.

“We recognize that theological education is changing rapidly,” said President Felix Theonugraha. “Western Theological Seminary is committed to meeting the needs of the Church now and in the future.  We are here to equip women and men for Christian ministry and leadership, whether their call is to pastoral ministry or lay leadership.”

The new degrees include a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, a Master of Arts in Disability and Ministry, a Master of Arts in Theology, and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies.

WTS will continue to offer its flexible MA in Christian Studies, which allows students to focus on their area of interest as half of the 42 program credits are electives. 

One of the hallmarks of the WTS Master of Arts is faculty involvement. WTS Faculty teach in both the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts programs, and all courses come from within the Master of Divinity curriculum. Faculty are equally engaged in distance learning and in-residence courses, often teaching the course in both modalities during any given semester.  

“Through these new MA degrees, students will experience rigorous academic engagement alongside practical and intentional formation,” said Academic Dean Kristen Deede Johnson. “I am excited for how our new MAs embody the same commitment to whole-person formation [or formational learning] and academic excellence that is a hallmark of all WTS programs.”

WTS faculty are committed to providing students with course content that will expand the breadth and depth of a student’s biblical and theological knowledge while enhancing the ability to analyze specific academic and ministerial questions as they utilize their learnings in each program. 

Master of Arts students will learn to demonstrate proficiency in the art of scholarly writing by constructing credible claims, developing compelling arguments, persuasively interpreting sources in their chosen field of study, and using critical methodologies and diverse theological perspectives in their analysis of specific academic and ministerial questions applicable in many vocational settings.

The Master of Arts degree provides the same formational curriculum that engages whole-person learning. While internships and Abbey groups are not part of the required curriculum, Master of Arts students can take The Abbey if they are studying on campus or wish to come to campus during distance learning intensives.  

All Master of Arts degrees from WTS can be completed in two years or spread out to accommodate “second career” or non-traditional professional students. Classes can be taken on campus or through WTS’s online distance learning program. 

”This is an ideal program for people who need to be working full time and want to chip away at a Masters’s Degree that will enhance their professional vocation and work in ministry,” said Director of Admissions, Jill English.

The degrees will be available to students beginning this fall.  Applications are open.